AVRA – About Us

Fifty years ago, Amberwood Village Golf and Country Club was nothing more than marshland and series of beaver ponds. It had once been a working farm, but beavers had done their work on Poole Creek and the water in some areas was four feet deep. Developer Jack Johannsen had a long-term vision to build a resort-style, adult community in the Ottawa area. In the mid-60s, he signed a 10-year agreement to purchase the farmland, but without a sewer system in Stittsville, his plan was delayed almost a decade until one was in place. The community then had a population of 3,000—less than a tenth of what it is today. There were no big box stores, or restaurants or large shopping malls.

Jack’s plan was to entice buyers with this drawing card—a challenging nine-hole golf course, a pool, tennis courts and a posh clubhouse with racquetball courts and other amenities.The golf course and the clubhouse drew buyers to the community, in part, because the community would own it. That was his promise. In 1986, when he turned it over to the not-for-profit Amberwood Village Recreation Association (AVRA) for the sum of $1.00

Today, it is still collectively owned by the association. A little more than half of the 788 households in Amberwood have chosen to be members.  And, the once private club is now open to the public.

If you live in Amberwood Village and would like to become a member of AVRA, please contact AmberwoodVillage1981@gmail.com for more information. Please consult our bylaws for more information AVRA-By-Laws 2000

Current Board members:

Office Name
President Steve Luckett jamesluckett7@sympatico.ca
Vice-President David Pipkins dlpipkins@gmail.com
Secretary Gary Kurlicki gkurlicki@gmail.com
Director Robert Lloyd-Rees rlloydrees@gmail.com
Director Bernie Ashe bernieashe56@gmail.com
Director Joseph Elchakieh joseph.elchakieh@gmail.com
Director Ralph Milligan rlmilligan001@gmail.com
Director John Thomsen johnthomsen@tmsiottawa.com
Treasurer (not a sitting Board member) Mark Bjorkstedt mbjorkstedt062@gmail.com