Amberwood Village
Golf and Country Club

Amberwood Golf and Country Club would like to thank you for a great 2020 season, the golf course is now officially closed. We hope to see everyone back again for the 2021 season!!

The focal point of
Amberwood Village

Welcome to the Amberwood Village Golf & Country Club! If you think a country club is just for members, think again! With a well-groomed public golf course, golfers of all ages find the nine holes of our club a great place to test their skill.

Beyond Golf 

Amberwood offers more than just a beautiful golf course. With two tennis courts and three pickleball courts, the entire family can enjoy their favourite sport in a beautiful surrounding and a welcoming atmosphere.

Pool and More

In 2020, the pool remained closed for the summer. However, great things are happening next year, Amberwood will benefit from a fully refurbished pool with a newly landscaped setting and deck area.

Amberwood Lounge and Eatery (ALE)

Nestled in the heart of Amberwood, ALE has become a prime dining destination year-round. Catering to patio guests during this COVID-19 restricted period, ALE hosts events all year. The chef has recently added a vegan and vegetarian menu to the restaurant’s regular offerings and has been receiving rave reviews.

Discover everything Amberwood has to offer! 


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have to offer!

Amberwood is home to a fabulous restaurant, ALE, and features spectacular leisure activities like a stunning outdoor pool and well-maintained tennis courts. Our club is always buzzing with social clubs and games for all ages. Why not come by for a tremendous meal and enjoy everything Amberwood has to offer!