Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Amberwood is a public facility.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the golf course, pool, pickleball courts and restaurant. The following standard of conduct is expected in all interactions with fellow players, members, Board members and staff.

Everyone is expected to demonstrate respectful, civil, and courteous behaviour while enjoying the amenities of Amberwood.

All members, visitors, staff and Board members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Creates an environment reflective of the personal integrity and respect taught in the rules of golf that assume we are capable of enforcing rules upon ourselves with honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship. This same spirit is expected whether on the golf course, at the swimming pool, on the pickleball courts, in the member games rooms, or on all premises of the Club.
  • Acknowledges Amberwood as a family friendly environment and, therefore, refrains from behavior inappropriate for children and good taste.
  • Observes proper etiquette on and off the course, in and around the pool, courts and clubhouse.
  • Demonstrates respect and dignity to fellow members, staff and visitors.
  • Does not damage the character, integrity, good will, or property of Amberwood, its staff, members, or guests.
  • Does not trespass on residential property bordering the course.

Adheres to ALL club rules that address the following.

  • Sign in procedures in the Pro Shop
  • Rental and safe operation of carts
  • Guidelines concerning the areas on which carts are not allowed off the paths (greens and fringe)
  • Use and proper care of putting green
  • Use of swimming pool area and obeying lifeguard direction
  • Use of pickleball courts and equipment provided by the Club
  • Respecting and maintaining the physical appearance of Amberwood
  • Reports real or perceived safety hazards to staff and/or club General Manager.
  • Does not denigrate, talk down to, raise their voice to staff members, club members or members of the public.
  • Any suggestions or complaints concerning the operation of Amberwood, the attitude or conduct of staff, members or guests should be sent to the General Manager.